Wednesday, September 10, 2008

To paraphrase Senator Lloyd Bentsen from 20 years ago, "I know passive-aggression, Senator Obama, and you're passive-aggressive." As commenter Tim Ryan sent to Glenn Reynolds of

"He's a skilled orator, and he brings it all back around to McCain and Palin. It is absolutely clear that he is tying Palin to the Pig and McCain to the Old Fish. He didn't construct this accidentally or innocently. Unless you think that he isn't skilled or smart, and we all know that he is. He tries to create some plausible deniability, but there are only two explanations - he is either a mean-spirited p***, or he's an idiot. And the latter simply isn't true."

This is that kind of scratch-your-eye-while-you-flip-someone-off snark that I guess is going to be the new Democratic meme, huh? Hey, I say, go for it. Make fart jokes about Vladimir Putin's last name, that's a great idea, too.

As long as the Democrats are going to go this route, I have some ideas:

1. Refer to McCain's policies as "that same old GOP rag."
2 Slip in the phrase, "If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen."

'Cause, those are common phrases, too, you know. No double-meaning there. I really question the wisdom of trying this with Joe Biden, walking a careful line of deniability is not one of Joe's strong suits. He's bound to step over the line, and soon.

Although I've made a post about this, the McCain campaign needs to just let this little verbal turd on Obama's part sit and steam. Stepping in it will just make Palin look weak and in need of defense, and I think that when you have a quick and funny candidate like Sarah Palin and a zinger speechwriter like Matt Scully there is a way to jiu-jitsu this one back on Obama with gentle humor.

I do have to admit I would like to see her give a little speech segment like this:

"The fact that Obama took three days to get to the right answer that John McCain had on Georgia must have been a shock to the Obama campaign. With their foreign policy credibility receding, and questions regarding the Senator's poor coverage of the event that might lead to questioning the strength of Senator Obama's foreign policy experience, there was clearly a problem. His Vice-Presidential search operation grafted in Joe Biden to plug the holes in Obama's already thin resume. This was a clear attempt to cover over his deficiencies, but I think we all know what they should have done. They should have called John McCain.

I don't think they should do that. But it would be funny.

But not as funny as a Presidential candidate getting his speeches from a political cartoon:

Joe Biden's old habits seem to be rubbing off on you, Senator Obama.

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