Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Slime Watch

Well, it's pretty cold in my office even if it's warm and rainy outside. If anyone else needs something to get their blood boiling, today is no exception for producing idiotic stories about Sarah Palin.

Salon.com has two mouth-breathers on deck today. First is Professor Juan Cole from the University of Michigan. Apparently he took time off from his day job as an apologist for extremist Islamism to pen this little ditty: What's the difference between Palin and a Muslim fundamentalist? Lipstick.

In this episode of Cretins With Keyboards, Dr. Cole lies about Gov. Palin's record, confuses her personal views with her actual record of governing, and manages to associate someone he doesn't like (Gov. Palin) with something he usually doesn't have a really big problem with (Hamas, Muslim fundamentalism). The stupidity of this piece is absolutely breathtaking, particularly his total disregard for the facts that have come to light in the last few days after the first, panicked "SHE'S A RABID PRO-LIFER!" stories of the last week.

Maybe the only thing more ridiculous than this article (or the next one) is that Salon.com considers it part of its "Premium" content and makes you watch a commercial about clean water before being allowed to view the article. If this is "Premium", then it does make one wonder about the regular content -- which brings us to our next bit of tripe.

The second article by Gary Kamiya is simply titled, The Dominatrix, with a now-required bad photoshop of Sarah Palin's head on a curvaceous body, holding a whip and leading a moose on a leash. Wow, that's about as clever as Caribou Barbie, Gary, those graphics guys are adding heft to your piece.

I would quote from it, but basically it's a recitation of a liberal's sexual issues superimposed on current events, and quite frankly if I want that, I can watch MSNBC.

A further failing is that it repeats the silly meme that the McCain campaign chose her solely to appeal to the women's vote that was kicked to the curb with the choice of Joey "Donuts" Biden as VP over Hillary Clinton. Sarah Palin has appeal to some women in the Hillary camp, this is undeniable -- but it's also undeniable that to the "womyn" who make up the progressive "Second Wave" feminists, she's kryptonite. I mean, her daughter got pregnant and she didn't make her have an abortion? Can you imagine?

No, Sarah Palin is the magic bullet for independent men, and it's not just the glasses or the up-do. Men like Sarah Palin because she's a spitfire, a political jock who nailed her shot at the buzzer as surely as Michael Jordan nailing the jumper at the end of Game 6 in the 1998 NBA Finals. Men like competitors, and this lady is a competitor. She projects authenticity, and men value authenticity. She may be really cute, but she comes across like one of the guys, the kind of woman you wouldn't mind being on your deer lease.

Finally today we have the scandal of expenses Sarah Palin claimed as governor, to the total of $60,451 for her and her family. Deeply buried in the story is the fact that her expenses and those of her family are a tiny fraction of the $463,000 former Governor Frank Murkowski spent in 2006, not including over $35,000 for Murkowski's wife's travel expenses. Palin also fired the chef in the governor's mansion as reported by Newsweek:

At the governor's mansion in Juneau, she got rid of the chef. The NEWSWEEK reporter asked her what working mother in her right mind would dismiss someone whose sole job was to cook for her family. She replied, "I don't want them thinking when I'm done being governor that it's normal to have a chef. It's OK for them to have macaroni and cheese."

Man, if that's not a Mom response, I don't know what is. I think it would be hard to hire a chef (in Alaska) for less than $16,951 in 312 days ($54.33 a day). Sounds like she's done what she said she would -- saved the state a bunch of money. This Page A1 story on the Washington Post's front page sounds rather like a Tempest in Crock-Pot, at least to me.

Read and decide for yourself, as always.

The best strategy for the Democrats and the Obama-leaners in the MSM is to probably just leave Sarah Palin alone. I realize they can't for a variety of reasons, some professional and some ideological, but the Obama campaign really doesn't need to keep attacking her. If they're so sure she's an Empty Skirt, then they should just let her implode on their own.

UPDATE: Does it strike anyone else as either desperate or schizophrenic that Salon.com, in two articles on the same day, mixes metaphors so badly on the "real" nature of Sarah Palin? She's a burqa-wearing fundamentalist on one hand, and a purveyor of politico-sexual tension on the other.

Can't the editors just pick a slur and stick with it? It seems like what passes for diversity from Salon.com is differing opinions on the nature of the badness that is Sarah Palin. You stay classy, Salon.com!

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