Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Blog You Should Read

I've added Disturbingly Yellow to the sidebar under "Blogs of Interest". The host is a guy I met on the internet who has such an interesting background and perspective that it's not funny, although Shimmy is at times excruciatingly funny and continuously insightful. It's odd to think that a Jewish Uzbek immigrant fluent in German, Russian, Arabic (and quite talented in English, I might add) with mad Photoshop skills living in Noo Yawk and a little ol' WASP of Kentucky and Tennsesse extraction like me living behind the Pine Curtain of East Texas would develop a fairly high degree of mutual respect and appreciation, but hey, it's a big world full of potential friends.

Check him out. If he's good enough for Pajamas Media and Instapundit, he's certainly good enough for my recommended list.

Edit: I've also added Troy Stirman, blogger and shotgunner extraordinare to the ACU-X Bloggers list. Another sterling fellow, and not just because he comments on my blog. :)

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Troy M. Stirman said...

The "sterling" and "extraordinare" shotgunner is honored and humbled to be added to Monsieur Duval's list...