Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Texas 41 USC 38, or Texas Won, USC Two.

Man, what a great football game.

Using the magic of TiVo I went to church, helped put the kids to bed and still managed to catch up to the game by halftime with judicious use of fast forward during the commercials and halftime shows, as well as the innumerable pauses and replays that constitute the majority of televised football.

The male crowd was thin at church tonight. My father, who never misses church, must have had the catarrh or something. I explained to my wife as I stomped slump-shouldered to the car that this was just the Best Football Game Of The Entire Season In Any League, but I went anyway. Turns out I didn't end up missing anything but the commercials and the game just ended and I can finally breathe. God does provide, including the occasional show-stopper finish, and this is one game I am glad I sat through.


- Whoever did conditioning for the Longhorn defense should be taken out and flogged. What's all this about "cramping"? In California, in the winter? The Texas D did very well in the first half and only decided to show up for the last two minutes of the second half. Yes they won but it was more stress than I needed.

- Reggie Bush is exceptional and he'll be a marquee player in the pros. Matt Leinart will need a great offensive line to do so well, Bush could run behind a junior high school O-line and still get a thousand yards a season. The other RB for USC, White, was superb as well. If he's not a senior USC should have a decent running game next year.

- Vince Young is a complete master of the college game. I have read about things "slowing down" for high-performing athletes, but Young was so calm in the pocket that he almost looked asleep, if sleeping people can run for 200 yards and pass for over 250. He'll do exceptionally well in the pros, his passing was great and he runs like a deer. If he comes back next year (and he says he will, though I'm sure his asking price in the NFL is probably second only to Reggie Bush's), Texas has a shot at going back-to-back, particularly with their young RB corps.

- Michael Griffin from the Texas defense should be second for MVP, he was always on or around the ball and that pick in the end zone in the first half changed the game.

- The Texas offensive line is fantastic. I hope they can replace the three graduating seniors, 'cause if they do Texas will be #1 again FOR SURE (if Young stays).

I may be an Aggie (by grad school, I'll always be a Wildcat at heart) but I'll doff the maroon hat to Texas for their spectacular performance tonight. Way to go fellas, you just got Mack Brown's contract renewed for life.


Lucas Hendrickson said...

As a woe-is-us Tennessee Titans fan, the only good thing to come from this god-awful season is the fact that we'll probably get to pick our "Quarterback of the Future" come April.

I'm OK if Leinart drops to No. 3, but after last night and seeing how Vince Young looked like a smarter, more polished Steve McNair circa 1999, I'm drooling over the prospect of having him take over for his mentor after a season of picking up the game from the sidelines in '06 (a la Jon Kitna/Carson Palmer).

And I can't begin to describe how much that pains me to want a Longhorns QB as the only college football recruiting letter I ever got was from Barry Switzer.

Anonymous said...

Hook'em baby! That was the best football game I've ever seen. (Not that I've watched that many).