Monday, January 23, 2006

More to the 'Save Farris' Story

Michelle Malkin has a roundup of further background on Farris Hassan, the peripatetic high school journalism student that supposedly went to Iraq for a school assignment. As is typical, there is more to this story than AP originally reported.

1. His high school has no journalism course.
2. His dad was arrested in 1985 for forging Iraqi passports and military IDs during the Iran-Iraq war, the most logical use of these is for Iranian agents to have infiltrated the Iraqi army.
3. While in Beirut, he met with the local leader of Hezbollah.
4. His father was not only aware of his activities, he had authorized the absence from school and was in Iraq himself during these events.

In Michelle's words, "Hmmm." This doesn't sound like an Honors project gone way off track, this sounds a lot more like CIA agent training. I think Langley should look into a scholarship and job offer for this kid, if he's reliable.

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