Friday, October 28, 2005

One Ball, One Strike

No, I don't care about baseball, we're back to the Rove-Libby-Fitzgerald triangle that is playing out like some mutated version of a daytime soap. Word (right now, 7:42am) is that Libby will be charged with something, Rove won't be charged with anything but will still be investigated.

Come on. Twenty-two months of investigation of what turns out to be a not-complex thing and we need to empanel ANOTHER Grand Jury to keep this up? I'm imagining the food service for federal Grand Juries isn't just the best in the world, this seems like needless extension. To get any more out of Karl Rove after FOUR trips, they'll have to televise his colonoscopy. This isn't that hard, Fitz. Let it go.

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