Friday, October 28, 2005

Five charges but no answers

Obstruction, false statement (x2), perjury (x2).

Indictment is here in PDF.

Not a WORD about mishandling classified information or violation of FSIA. Which is one of the reasons I think the 'Independent Counsel' or 'Special Prosecutor' concept is wrong -- 22 months and millions of dollars later we have alleged liar. Wow, that's a threat to national security there. Not to excuse the behavior in any way, but this just seems kind of nickel-and-dime compared to what some on the left were calling 'TREASON!'

Rove may get the hammer for the revelation of classified information, but at this point if Libby hasn't been charged then it's unlikely Rove will be either, in my completely uninformed opinion. That should be the simplest thing to prove of all.

Further charges are always possible, if so it's likely that Fitzgerald simply can't prove them yet, but this is a disappointing denoumont for everyone but the far-left Bush haters who want a pelt, any pelt, on the wall.

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