Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Don't Mess With Fred

Fred Thompson is the best candidate not running for President (yet).

This is obvious, because the yappy-poodle darling of the left, Michael Moore, put down his donut and ventured into the unaccustomed sunlight to pen this letter to Fred, calling him out on the subject of healthcare and Thompson's criticism of Michael Moore's publicity stunt of taking Ground Zero veterans to Cuba for treatment. Moore is under investigation by the US Treasury Department for possible violation of the travel ban to Cuba.

Apparently Mr. Moore is now an expert in healthcare, and in a typically winding, insulting and insinuating style he criticized Thompson's positions on healthcare relative to his, and challenged him to a debate.

Within the day we get Fred's response:

Yowch. Michael's not the only one with experience in the media. This is a Reaganesque slapdown, in 38 seconds, on the Internet and available in less time than it took Michael to write his letter. Keep those challenges coming, Scruffy, Fred's got a whole sack of 'Shhh!' with your name on it.

We need this guy to run. Now.

1 comment:

Troy M. Stirman said...

AMEN- and hallelujah that someone stood up to that Moore idiot!!

Run, Fred, run!!!!!!