Thursday, March 01, 2007

Missed Co-Branding Opportunity For The Wii

Had it for a couple of weeks before I managed to cowboy-up and climb into the warren of wires behind our A/V stack, add a component selector switch and power-on the Wii.

Let me just say that next to the trampoline in the backyard and a swimming pool, there is little that will send your kids to bed exhausted more than Wii Sports. I knew I should have stretched or something but I just couldn't help myself, and I've been sore for three days after maybe 90 minutes of Bowling, Tennis, Golf and Boxing.

Ouch. Fair warning to parents -- if you plan to play with your kids on the Wii, get limber or get Aleve. They won't get bored any time soon, and you'll still be sore. For the money it's a pretty good game system, it plays all the GameCube games if you have one of those, and it doesn't require a HD monitor upgrade to fully utilize. It wasn't the cost of the XBox360 that made me wait six months after they came out to buy one, it was the cost of the LCD panel to play it on. You sidestep that completely with a Wii, and it costs half of a PS/3 and 60% of an XBox360 with hard drive.

Soon as I get some other games I'll let you know. I was in college during Zelda, so I missed that part, but I'm sure something good is out there.

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