Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Jack Bauer Tally

Just as a summary of last night's episode of 24, Jack got two kills with a pump shotgun, bring his season total to a so-far disappointing 5 confirmed kills. To recap, Jack's previous kills were biting the carotid out of a foolish terrorist to escape from Fayed's men in the first two episodes, and the shooting of one of the BXJ Corporation goons while still handcuffed. And of course, the unfortunate shooting of Curtis, which has to be seen as an "own goal".

The Score so far:

Biting A Carotid9.0 -1 for lack of Universal Protocol
Shooting Curtis-8-10 own goal, +2 neck shot over a hostage
Shooting guard while handcuffed7.0+2 for while handcuffed

Jack has been blown up by exploding homes twice so far this season.

Morris was tortured by beating, mock drowning and Black & Decker and finally coughed up a working program to arm the suitcase nukes. The suitcase nukes feature an overly-complex mechanical trigger system that is very easily defeated if you have the schematics, or at least, the proper schematics, as Jack and Chloe found out. Now, other than being a ladies shoe salesman-cum-ace programmer, Morris is a self-professed coward with a bum shoulder, who nevertheless finally cowboyed-up and got back on the workstation to help out CTU. Other than calling everyone "Love", Morris is unfortunately two-dimensional so far this season and is simply a slimmer Edgar Stiles with an accent from a couple of thousand miles farther east, minus the twitching death.

Rob Lowe's otherwise forgettable government weasel-patriot claims he can take "decisive action" against the President. With the VP on Air Force 2, I'm thinking Rob Lowe is going to attempt to suicide-bomb the White House Underground Lair. Either Wayne Palmer will survive or he will find his inner Bauer and cap Rob Lowe with a pistol from a dead Secret Service agent. Tom Lennox will probably die in the process of protecting the President and redeem himself at the last moment. Either way, expect Wayne Palmer to be incommunicado for a portion of the remaining hours in the season, allowing evil Powers Boothe to assume Presidential powers and try to stop Jack Bauer at some point in the season.

He should know better, you can't stop Jack Bauer, you can only hope to contain Jack Bauer. More to come.

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