Monday, June 26, 2006

Sporting Clays followup

Well, Troy Stirman's prediction that he would beat our team proved to be one bird. The DeLoache-Duvall quartet finished a surprising third this year, surprising because other than new-this-year DeLoache cousin Jimmy (shooting in place of Averill, who was in a golf tournament that weekend) the rest of us couldn't hit squat. I hit 65, Dan broke 70 and Patrick had, if I remember rightly, 46. Jimmy broke eighty-something, though two STINKIN' birds would have been enough to propel our team into second.

The winning team had a low score in the mid-low 80s, and two of the top-five finishers were on that team. They beat the rest of us like a rented mule, so maybe there's some reason to practice. That and any time you can get out in the great (if somewhat manicured) outdoors with a shotgun and make noise, it's a good day. Plus, The Wife wants to start shooting, and this is also good because I need to buy her a shotgun, and any time you can buy a new gun it's ALSO a good day. I'm conflicted between getting a 20ga over-under or another 12ga, it's going to depend on how recoil-sensitive she is. If I go with the 20, at least The Boy can use it if The Wife's interest wanes. We'll see.

Congrats to Troy, and watch your back Stirman -- next year we might practice, and while one bird was enough of a margin this year, it won't be next year!

Next up: Range Report: The New (S)hotness.


Anonymous said...

Go with the 20


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Dave, go with the 20. But only if you can get it in a belt-fed version. ~DSD

Anonymous said...

Darren- thanks for the plug 'ol buddy! My intent was to get you to the tourny- guess it worked!

My two cents- get Marcie a 12-ga. double (superposed)
Three reasons:
A) You can both use it
B) Recoil is felt less in a double than in an auto
B) Buy a 20/28-ga. tube set to start her out with. When she masters the "feel" and wants something bigger for sporting clays, she will have a 12ga that feels and weighs the same without having to buy another gun.

As for next year, start practicing now... ;-)


Sarah said...

Yeah, Troy knows all about buying shotguns for his wife -- I have one in the safe somewhere, but I couldn't pick it out. But, I do confess I look forward to child-free outings that we could go shoot together. Maybe I'll sign up for "Shoot For Success" someday -- if I'm on Troy's team, your team will have it in the bag! :-)