Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Resounding 'Duh'

Gateway Pundit: Wires: Bush, Chertoff, Nagin & Fats Domino Warned Before Katrina

Nice roundup by Gateway Pundit about how much was known prior to the hurricane by everyone in the week leading up to Katrina. The fact that Bush personally called Ray Nagin to urge a mandatory evacuation should be proof enough that Bush was engaged and knew of the impeding disaster. Even news people don't grasp or aren't willing to explain the difference between levees being "topped" (so much water that it flows over the levees) and "breached" (structural failure at less than capacity). The levees broke, they didn't get "topped", which is what is being warned of in the videoconference.

This is a non-news event. All of this was known before. What is new is an opportunity to media-swarm the Bushies. Seems like there was a dearth of bad news about Bush, what with the ports deal in 45-day hold and Iraq resisting the urge to tear itself apart.

What about the buses, Mr. Mayor?

I'd love to see the video where that idea was considered and discarded.

Don't believe the hype.

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