Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Amazon Associates

I, like Matt Ritchie (see link beside, great blog now and great guy if he's still the same dude I remember from college) hereby and officially notify you that I have applied to the Amazon Associates program so that I may better inform you, the four readers of my site, of the current reading, viewing, gaming and listening content that is shaping the bizzare and sometimes downright goofy thoughts this blog expresses, in the form of cool little pictures of all the stuff I use/consume in terms of media and nifty gadgets in the sidebar that link to the Amazon site. Any purchases made through this program will be most likely accidental on your part, though Todd I do promise to buy some of your records through Amazon if you get a cut, and now that I know what they are I'll probably buy them anyway.

The opinions of the blogger do not reflect the opinions of or any of its other associates, unless I say something really profound and cool that forms a meme that changes world mindsets toward universal peace and harmony, at which point they will say at cocktail parties and other social gatherings that they approved my application because they knew I would be an Absolutely Awesome Amazon Associate. They have been informed not to hold their breath about this one, though.

I anxiously await the decision of the, er, Amazons, on this subject, and if they turn me down I'll do what I always do and kludge something togther.

Note: Yes, the pictures aren't coming up. No, I don't know why. If you're curious, click on the box and see!

Update: Ian and Warren on the Amazon Associates help site were quick on the job and helped me out. Thanks guys!


todd Robbins said...

I don't usually get a cut, and even if I do it would be like a nickel, so just send me nickel from time to time, that will be good use of a thirty-whatever it is-cent stamp....

Anonymous said...


If I had the ability to read 500 page books in 2 hours like you do, then I might be able to read some of those, but for now I'll just stick to the games. Maybe if I buy one through your blog, you'll get a nickel.